Types of sękacz

We offer Masurian Sękacz in a wide range of weight, from 200g to 10kg, and size from 12 cm to 100cm.

We offer the traditional Masurian Sękacz in a chocolate-coated or milk chocolate-coated version, or sprinkled with nuts or coconut shreds.

Our MARK Sękacz cakes are packed in decorative bags, we also offer linen bags and decorative cardboard packaging.

Take part in baking your own Sękacz and create it according to your own idea, choosing any coating and sprinkle.


Ingredients for the production of the Masurian Sękacz are gathered from local and regional suppliers. We choose ingredients, for baking our products, from the Culinary Heritage network.

Eggs are a source of complete protein and vitamins A, E, D and K, B2 and B12, pantothenic acid and minerals: phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, and selenium.

Sugar, or sucrose, is a sweet-flavoured substance found in plants. It is obtained mainly from sugar beet or from sugar cane. Sucrose is a carbohydrate made up of two simple sugars: glucose and fructose. Sugar is known in the form of prismatic, shiny crystals, in a white shade, without smell.
Sugar takes an important place in confectionery:

  • it gives a sweet taste and strengthens the intensity of fragrances;
  • gives dough the colour and golden shade during baking;

Wheat flour is an industrially pure product, which is obtained through the milling of endosperm of purified wheat grain. The flour of the highest quality is used for the production of the Masurian Sękacz. The following parameters are controlled:

  • the granulation of flour, through rubbing it between the fingers, during such a procedure, grains or particles should not be presented;
  • the taste of flour, through applying a little flour on the tongue, the taste in the mouth should stay slightly sweet, peculiar and fresh;
  • the smell of flour, through dipping a nose in a sack of flour, the smell should be gentle, pleasant. Flour is not characterised with intense aroma;
  • the colour of flour, a visual assessment is made, the colour should be uniform – light white or light cream.

The right flour determines the better physical properties of the dough, such as:

  • good flexibility (for forming dough);
  • good ductility (when the dough rises during baking).

Fat is an energetic component of our food, 1 g provides 9 kcal, or 37.66 kJ. Fat is the source of essential fatty acids (EFAs), which our body does not produce on its own. EFAs are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. In addition, fats bring into our body vitamins A, D and E, which are dissolved in them. Fats act as an energy store that protects our internal organs, regulates the work of the cardiovascular system, blood pressure and hormone activity.
The margarine used for the baking does not contain harmful trans acids.


Butter is a product obtained from cow’s milk. In the production of a sękacz, butter is an ingredient that mainly affects the aroma and taste of the cake. For the sake of the highest quality of the product and the satisfaction of our gourmands, butter must meet the appropriate sensory requirements. Each batch of butter, which is supplied to our factory, passes through quality control carried out by a foreman. The following parameters are controlled:

  • smell – after opening the package, it comes out first and releases a delicate, fresh and natural aroma;
  • taste – a guarantee of the highest quality work of regional farmers, fresh and properly controlled milk gives a great, expressive and pleasant taste;
  • appearance – proper processing of fresh and high-quality milk allows to obtain butter with a uniform, light colour; depending on the breed of dairy cattle, on the quality of the food provided, on the cows breeding region and on the methods of grazing, we obtain butter of a colour, which is different in particular seasons;
  • texture – a suitably designed technological process creates a compact, smooth mass, easy to spread and suitable for further use in the production process of the Masurian Sękacz.

Cream is a product with high protein content, which is created as a result of lactic fermentation. The vitamins easily dissolve in fats, which are contained in cream, and are better absorbed by our body. Cream is a product, which is carefully selected from among available producers from our region of Warmia and Mazury. When choosing the cream, we were guided primarily by its origin and taste. Properly selected cream is the carrier of the traditional taste and smell of a sękacz, which is served on our tables.

Canola oil, or “olives of the north” is produced from rapeseed. It owes its grateful name to the occurrence and production in the countries of the Northern Hemisphere.

No doubt, the largest use of canola oil can be seen in the kitchen, among others in bakery, fulfilling the most important function which is being the carrier of taste. Due to its structure, vitamins dissolve easily in the oil; aromas and flavours are released. The vitamins, which are dissolved in oil, and derive, for example, from the consumed eggs, are easily absorbed by our body. Thanks to it, we can obtain a handful of healthy nutritional values ​​from food.
Canola oil contains priceless essential fatty acids (EFAs), which are responsible for the proper functioning of the heart, kidneys and circulatory system. It contains large amounts of omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids, which are so rare in our daily diet, and essential to assure a healthy body and well-being. Thanks to the content of vitamins A, E, D2 and K, it positively influences the cell membranes in our body, which speeds up regeneration, soothes irritation and has the protective function of the skin.