FOR A SĘKACZ from the 19th century

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The Masurian Sękacz is a hand-baked cake, i. e. the dough is applied to the turning roller using a ladle. This is a very important stage of baking, because no machine can replace a human’s work. A confectioner, who prepares the dough by hand, can properly aerate the protein and flour to get the right consistency of the kneaded dough.

The confectioner’s work in this position requires extraordinary responsibility and attention, as well as compliance with all safety and hygiene rules, so that the final product would delight consumers’ palates.


The baking process of the Masurian Sękacz is a source of great fragrance and taste, but above all our desires and dreams.

You enjoy the idea of ​​the joy of a loved one, whom we give not an ordinary baking, of meeting with friends, when you can boast of a cake with a unique appearance and shape, of a quiet lazy morning with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, the taste of which will stop time and take you to the land of the most beautiful memories and dreams.

During baking, not only a sękacz, which is a unique type of cake, but also your smile and joy are made.

The Masurian Sękacz is prepared with the utmost care and attention to every detail. A hot sękacz is removed from the roller after baking and left for cooling.

The cooled sękacz is prepared according to the orders of our customers. At this point, a sękacz is covered with chocolate, sprinkled with nuts or coconut shreds, decorated with sugar ornaments, which are selected by the customer depending on the circumstances, for example: wedding – doves and flowers; baptism, communion – wafer and flowers; birthdays and other special occasions – cute animals, hearts, stars and many others according to the fantasies of the clients 😉

A decorated sękacz is packed and sent to various parts of the world to satisfy the vision and taste of our gourmands.